Christmas Games For Teens

Christmas parties are one of the best parts of holidays for people of christmas Games For Teens age groups. The hosts take good care of the guests.

They mingle together and have fun all time long. But the party means a real deal for children and the teenagers. They get a chance for celebrations with their family members. The children also take the opportunity to socialize outside their own circle. Christmas Party Games For Teens 1. Play Pictionary Using Christmas Carols The Carol Pictionary relay is a game where you have to tell song titles from a visual clue. This is how this game is played.

The guests are divided in equal number of players. The players have to identify the song and sing the carol. If the tune is identified correctly a new challenge is set up to continue the game. The group of players that has correctly identified the tunes more than the other group ultimately wins. Truth And Lies About Christmas Gifts It is a Christmas version of the old day’s classic of Two Truths and a Lie. The aim of this fun game is to speak about the worst gifts they have received and laugh over it. This list is kept a secret.

Randomly, one of the guests reads out his list aloud. The other guests then debate which item could be a made-up one. Everyone is given enough time to explain why the gifts were unwanted. This gives the opportunity to bring out the extra laughter.

Carol Drawing And Guessing Game The game of carol drawings is much similar to Carol Pictionary relay as both involve songs and tunes. Make two teams of equal members. Pen down some well-known carols on the cards and pile them up face down. Ask one of the teams to draw the song on a big board. The team should assign this work to one of its members. The song that is drawn on the board should not contain numbers or letters. The team has to guess the song inside one minute or it passes to the next team.