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Williams and Glyn Leasing Group Ltd. This section contains content that is written like an advertisement. The character was created by Mike Young in 1978 for his son to help him overcome his fear of darkness. Later Young decided to put the stories into book form. The story follows an ordinary teddy bear who, upon his creation at a toy factory, was deemed defective and thrown away into an old dark storeroom.

By chance, he is discovered by Spotty, a visiting alien from the Planet Spot, who decides to bring the bear to life using his cosmic dust. The revival was one of four series aired as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera syndicated animation block. He then warns the viewer: “Remember, I can’t be there to save you, especially on the planet Earth”. The series, which will consist of 26 half-hour episodes, was pitched at trade shows in Autumn 2014, with the hope of a television broadcast in the United Kingdom in 2016. A teddy bear brought to life by Spotty’s cosmic dust and given special powers by Mother Nature. By uttering his secret magic word he can don his superhero outfit, complete with rocket boots, which he uses to fight evil around the world.

He wears a jetpack for moving about and pilots a large spotted rocket to travel over the world or across space. Spotty’s sister, voiced by Sheila Steafel. An evil cowboy and the main villain of the series. A very cowardly, noticeable effeminate and exceptionally camp living skeleton who wears pink slippers.

He is capable of being put back together whenever he falls to bits. Voiced by Emyr Young in the Welsh language version and Melvyn Hayes in the English language dubbing. An overweight fool with intense stupidity who serves as the muscle of the group. Voiced by Huw Ceredig in the Welsh language original and Roy Kinnear in the English language dubbing of the show. This series consisted of 12 episodes, as listed below. However, Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton are also using the area as a hideout after robbing a bank.

A boy is kidnapped by Texas Pete on his visit to the funfair. In the heart of Africa, Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton go to steal gold inside a mine. This series consisted of 12 episodes as listed below. A girl called Judy has had her long horn cattle stolen. Once there, they meet up with a cowboy who is similar to Texas Pete. Texas Pete is after the rare creature of the Arctic, the Mammoth. To make matters worse, Texas Pete arranges for our heroes to be tied up in a rocket heading straight for the sun.

Also there, are Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton who plan to shoot a buffalo to in order to have some buffalo steaks for dinner. After being catty with Spotty for making him get out of bed to retrieve him from outside the space station, he has a horrible nightmare which shows him what life might be like if he didn’t have Spotty with him. Bulk tells the story of how he first met Texas Pete in jail and how they escaped and entered the tomb of Skeleton. Texas Pete, Bulk, and Skeleton disguise themselves as Father Christmas and rob children of their presents on Christmas Eve. At a seaside town in England, Texas Pete takes up a magician’s act under the alias “Great Horrendo” to cheat children out of their allowances and briefly sidetrack Superted by making Spotty Man a volunteer in his hypnosis trick. This series consisted of 11 episodes as listed below. First, Bulk throws Skeleton off the Statue of Liberty where Skeleton his holding onto the sleeve of the statue.