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Desktop software generally provides more functionality and power than web applications. For instance, they might allow you to download entire playlists, rather than individual videos free download-at-a-time, and converting these to MP3 with a single click of a button.

We don’t know of any web-based downloaders which currently allow you to do this. There are a few Android APKs available which you can install only after disabling security mechanisms on your phone. We cannot stress enough that this is a very bad idea. Even trustworthy developers such as Epic have introduced a vulnerability which allowed hackers to install malware on Android devices.

Google Store will not steal your personal information and share your vast collection of dick-picks to your favorite social networks. This might be very useful if you’re on a computer that’s not your own for instance. However, there are also some drawbacks. It generally offers the least ease-of-use since it can’t be integrated with your system, usually won’t allow you to set any preferences, nor do any of them support multiple downloads.

We do not know of any that allow 1080p content to be downloaded in its original quality for example. To top it off, most of these websites are also completely overloaded with shady or annoying advertisements. Although it is technically a breach of contract, it’s not considered illegal or criminal. The historical precedent for the legality of recording copies of copyrighted content for personal use was set by Sony Corp. This was a decision by the Supreme Court of the United States ruling that the making of individual copies of complete television shows for the purpose of time-shifting does not constitute copyright infringement. When one considers the nature of a televised copyrighted audiovisual work and that time-shifting merely enables a viewer to see such a work which he had been invited to witness in its entirety free of charge, the fact that the entire work is reproduced does not have its ordinary effect of militating against a finding of fair use.

Internet, is not at all different from timeshifting and would in all likelihood be considered fair use. It had a browser extension for Opera which could be run in Chrome as well using Chameleon. When attempting to download a video, some shady ads are displayed but no file is provided. We recommend switching to Viddly if you’re a Windows user. It’s simple to use, requires only a single click to initiate an MP3 or MP4 download, and it’s one of the fastest products in terms of download speeds.

It’s free of charge unless you want to download entire playlists or download streaming video in which case you’ll require a subscription. 2 pick for Windows is VDownloader because it’s very feature-complete and powerful. Another solution for Windows is Orbit Downloader, although it’s quite outdated, and there are some reports that since version 4. 15, Orbit Downloader includes a botnet-like module which performs DDoS attacks without the user’s knowledge or permission. As such, we can no longer recommend it. Rumor has it that a Mac version of VDownloader will become available in the near future.

We recommend a product called Viddly for this purpose. With a few simple steps, you can download a video as MP3 without requiring a conversion. This means it’s much faster than most competing products. Simply install it as you would install any other software. Simply enter a keyword and hit download. Note: If you prefer, you can also go the old-fashioned route and copy the URL of the video you would like to convert to MP3.