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Please forward this error screen to ds183. You will need  Objects that suit your babies ability, eg. How to create an obstacle course Set up the objects around your home or in your garden and encourage your baby to explore them. There’s really no right or wrong way!

The sticky paper was an interesting experience for Rocky. I stuck it with the sticky side up, so that as Rocky crawled across it his hands touched the sticky surface. He has played with it before but not for a month or two and not like this. He reached out to crawl as usual, then pulled back quickly and scrunched up his face as he felt the sticky paper on his hands. He sat and stared at the sticky floor for a few seconds, then reached out and quickly pulled back again. Nawww those adorable chubby cheeks are loving that obstacle course.

He is growing up so fast! What a fabulous idea for little Rocky. I love this because you can change it basically everyday. He’s growing up so quickly, Kylie!

Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I’ll be incorporating some of them in our obstacle course at Moms and Munchkins tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Do you encourage your children to take risks? My name is Kylie and I teach 4-6 year old children in their first year of school in Australia.

He will chase it across the lawn or along the wall and walk slowly backwards and spin in circles, trying to figure out how that patch of darkness keeps following him. Here’s a little pyjama clad Rocky chasing his shadow before bed time. This interest in shadows inspired me to hunt for more ways to play and learn with shadows. I’ve collected the best shadow ideas that the internet has to offer and rounded them up into this one spot.

Your one stop shadow play spot! Investigate shadows and light: are shadows always black? Do your children like to play with shadows? That is the most adorable video ever.

I totally forgot the squishable cuteness of the 18 month toddle. My youngest is 3 months so I get to experience it again though. What a great and often neglected playmate. I just can’t get enough of his squishy-ness. Pebble, at 4 years old, is all gangly arms and legs, but she still gives the best hugs. Oh he is just too sweet. That is such a sweet video.