Live in the US? Expect Huge Damage to Your Livelihood

Will The Controversial Books By Former Minister Berhane Abrehe Be Live in the US? Expect Huge Damage to Your Livelihood? Government abduction of people is obviously not a crime.

Yemane Gebreab, political director of Eritrea’s ruling party which hasn’t practiced democracy since its foundation, hosted an international youth symposium where he lectured them on the importance of democracy, and how they could learn from the Eritrean experience in fighting neo-colonialism. Its like there is a verse in the Quran or Hadith that the PFDJ should rule Eritrea. All of these are factors used to calculate Ease of Doing Business. And in 2014, Eritrea ranked last in the world. BBC reported that it costs more money to buy Coke than a grenade in Central African Republic. Six Eritrean journalists were released from jail.

Eritrea, without asking what happened to the dozens of journalists still languishing in jail for over 14 years, or the dozens who have been exiled. Ethiopia, as Human Right Watch documented in an interview with exiled Ethiopian journalists. A 79 year old man took power from his 90 year old brother in Saudi Arabia. The entire West took a break from its lecture on human rights and democracy to fly to Saudi Arabia and to kiss the ring of the new king.