Transfer Image to Wood Tutorial

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Love how she used a rosette flower for the tail. Love this non-candy gift idea for Easter! Have you ever wondered how to get perfect lettering on a sign without using a stencil? We asked the crafting community on our Facebook page and got some great tips!

What is the best way to put letters onto wood? I want to make a sign but I think I’ll need a stencil and not sure how to make one. Suggestions for this post were taken from this thread on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook Page. You can make a stencil with freezer paper. Draw it on paper, put the paper on the wood and use a ballpoint pen to trace it, pressing down hard.

It makes guidelines for you in the wood to paint. Look into the Sillhouette Cameo or SD! I don’t own a silhouette or cameo or any of those. I can’t afford one, so instead I print out my letters, and trace them onto wood, then hand paint the letters.

Put on the letter stencils, dry brush or paint over them, then peel off the stencils. Yep I do wood burning aka: pyrography. You can use carbon paper and trace letters you’ve printed onto the wood and then trace it with a wood burning tool. Or you can trace the letters on wood with carbon paper and paint them in.